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“Very knowledgeable and reassuring as to what needed to be done with a successful outcome.”  Steven Francis, Glen Cove, Long Island NY

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Automatic - Standard
Automotive and Transmission Repair
The Automotive and Transmission Repair Specialists of Long Island, NY

ATRA Golden Rule Warranty- The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association - is an international trade association for the professional automatic transmission repair industry. With members across the US and Canada, ATRA's network of automatic transmission repair professionals can offer you repair and warranty coverage anywhere you are likely to drive.

Because, wherever you go - from coast to coast - there is always an ATRA member nearby. With nearly 2000 members, ATRA is larger than every automatic transmission repair chain combined - nearly three times the size of the largest chain in the US. Which means that no chain can provide better warranty coverage than ATRA's network of professional service centers. Every ATRA member must adhere to ATRA's Code of Ethics - ATRA's standards for providing honest, professional service. So, when you take your car to an ATRA member, you are assured of polite, professional service, at an honest price. And not just automatic transmission repair: most ATRA members also provide diagnostic and repair service for manual transmissions, clutches, differentials, driveshafts, drive axles, and transfer cases.

*24 Month/24,000 Mile (whichever occurs first) Warranty -  Our Standard Warranty for Major Transmission Repair.  Your transmission and torque converter are covered against defective transmission materials and workmanship, parts for 24 Months or 24,000 Miles from the original repair date or mileage period.

*As with any warranty, the warranty is null and void under certain conditions related to but not limited to any type of customer abuse, motor vehicle accident, alterations, other mechanical parts failure causing transmission failure, commercial use purposes, or if the vehicle is not brought back to our facility for repair.