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Automotive and Transmission Repair
The Automotive and Transmission Repair Specialists of Long Island, NY

Customer Testimonials

Our fleet requires quality, reliable transmission repair.  Trans-Pro has been an outstanding source for the Nassau County Police Fleet.  When I needed transmission repair for my personal vehicle, Trans-Pro was the only place I would think of taking it to." Mike Penna, Service Writer, Nassau County Police Fleet    

"Excellent communication, excellent service, and treated with a smile.  Always positive when it comes to Joe, he has such a wonderful personality.  It was nice dealing with him, he takes the time to explain the entire situation to you, he is the best!”   Deirdre Davis, Oyster Bay,  New York

“Very knowledgeable and reassuring as to what needed to be done with a successful outcome.”  Steven Francis, Glen Cove, Long Island NY 

“Very happy, I highly recommend Trans-Pro to everyone.  Joe kept me informed, and even went out of his way for me to get my transmission covered under the dealer warranty when the dealer gave me problems.  No problems at all, I didn't find any negatives dealing with Trans-Pro."  Philip Wm. Grella, Jr., Glen Cove, North Shore, Long Island, NY

"Trans-Pro has been ready and able to help me under difficult circumstances with several family owned cars at fair prices.  Trans-Pro has always been careful to correctly diagnose every problem, and has been reliable in its corrective action.”   Harold Busching, Glen Head, Long Island NY 

“I would like to thank Trans-Pro for standing behind your work.  There are not many shops that would be as conscientious as you.”  Bill Frintzilas, Glen Cove, North Shore, Long Island, NY